Is your brand lost in translation?

The modern market is exceptionally competitive regardless of the industry. That is why each and every business puts significant effort to effectively communicate their achievements and unique qualities.

Here is a classic example: ALCOL—A 52 year old brand in the false flooring industry with an amazing product line that ended up grabbing attention from the fortune 50 companies like NASA, BOA, Petronas was using an old-style communication methodology forcing the targeted customers to browse around the entire site before they could find out what ALCOL was actually selling. With so much content available on the internet, customers don’t have time to go through the entire site, so it is important to effectively communicate your unique qualities immediately.

Here’s ALCOL’s current website:

Now, here’s a sneak peak on how we are rebranding ALCOL

A creative agency is not just highly proficient and experienced in recognizing, planning and implementing a broad range of marketing activities, but also can take a step back and evaluate your brand as a whole. This often enables the agency to spot opportunities where you would possibly not. Working with an efficient agency can open up opportunities for your business by gaining insight from well-versed professionals who have worked with numerous companies like yours.

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